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News Applications  by brendan_o

brendan_o says: These are the applications I use most for getting my daily news on the go
brendan_o's picks
  1. Digg
    Digg The official application is great for digging quickly on the go
  2. Engadget
    Engadget If you are an Engadget reader or interested in tech this is a must have, much improved over the web offering
  3. Mashable!
    Mashable! As with Engadget, this is a much more powerful application than the web based offering
  4. News Pro
    News Pro Thomson Reuters news is great, covers all topics and has a nifty feature to download stories for reading on a plane or to save for later reading.
  5. NPR News
    NPR News Great for listening to any NPR station on the go and any show. Also allows for custom playlists, a killer feature.
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