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Apps for Students  by brendan_o

brendan_o says: As a student I find these applications get a ton of use and are very helpful throughout the semester.
brendan_o's picks
  1. SlideScreen Pro
    SlideScreen Pro Perfect home replacement application for sneaking a peak during class, shows facebook, twitter, texts, email and a ton of other stuff at a glance
  2. CoursePro
    CoursePro Keep track of your grades and assignments throughout the year
  3. Dropbox
    Dropbox Great for kaaping track of all your files and sharing them with peers on the go. It was a lifesaver for group projects.
  4. Evernote - stay organized.
    Evernote - stay organized. I use this ti scan and organizes papers, bills and other files so I can easily search for them later on, eliminating a pile of spare papers on my desk
  5. Mint: Personal Finance & Money
    Mint: Personal Finance & Money No better application to track your spending to get an idea of when to call home to ask for more money
  6. NPR News
    NPR News Great for news but shines with its custom playlist feature, ideal for getting news on the way to class
  7. Springpad
    Springpad The best note taking app around, great for anyone who is constantly forgetting things
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