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Learn Mandarin Chinese on Android  by sharakarasic

sharakarasic says: As a long-term beginner Chinese student, I keep plugging along. Here are some apps I've discovered on Android to learn Chinese.
sharakarasic's picks
  1. Chinese Mandarin MenuCards 1
    Chinese Mandarin MenuCards 1 Flashcards for learning to read food menus. Simplified Chinese.
  2. Dictionary海词词典-查词、翻译、背单词
    Dictionary海词词典-查词、翻译、背单词 Pretty barebones - type in an English word and shows you the Chinese characters, but a big flaw is no audio pronunciation. On the other hand, you can save definitions and attach photos or barcodes.
  3. Everyday Chinese
    Everyday Chinese Some basic phrases and audio. Needs fleshing out to be really useful.
  4. GettingThere Chinese - 1
    GettingThere Chinese - 1 Learn Chinese in dialogue with a friendly frog. After that, tests where you have to fill in the correct character.



I just got a new DroidX so this is really a beginner's list. Please - reply here to let me know of the best learn Chinese apps for Android! Xie xie ni!

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Ooh, this inspires me to check around for similar apps for Spanish. Maybe another list coming soon....

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Have you tried this game?

It's a fun way learn Chinese vocabulary.

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