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Android Apps for Bloggers  by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: Bloggers are almost (ALMOST) as protective of their platforms as smartphone users. Thank goodness there's an app for each of us - and all on Android - to satisfy our ongoing need to spill our guts to the world.
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. WordPress
    WordPress I'm a Wordpresser, so this was one of the first apps I went after when I got my first Android phone. You can register more than one blog on it, or self-hosted blogs work. It allows you to read, post, and comment - albeit without the full functionality of the main interface. But it IS a mobile app, after all. My one gripe is that you have to manually refresh every section on login, but other than that, this is a slick way to work on my blog without having to use the browser.
  2. ttTumblr
    ttTumblr This tumblr app is simple and straightforward, just like tumblr itself. You can view your dashboard in addition to creating posts - a feature that's missing in one or two other tumblr apps.
  3. Blogaway for Android (Blogger)
    Blogaway for Android (Blogger) For those of you on the Blogger platform, this app will keep you posting on the go. It has by far the best-looking and easiest interface of any of the Blogger apps, and great reviews. It allows geotagging and pushes to Twitter as well, for added social fun. (BONUS! Blogaway Lite is now in beta and will include support for Wordpress blogs!)
  4. NewsRob (Google Reader / RSS)
    NewsRob (Google Reader / RSS) And if you write a blog, you probably read some blogs, so stay up-to-date with this RSS app. It interfaces nicely with your Google Reader account and allows for in-app reading of full articles without taking you to the browser on every click.
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