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Apps for Lovers of Fake News  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: It's a sad day when fake news is often times more poignant, and informative, than legit news sources. Whether you're looking for snarky social commentary or just a few laughs, these apps have got you covered.
kcooper11's picks
  1. Comedy Central Insider Free
    Comedy Central Insider Free "The Word" is Stephen Colbert's daily segment where he comically breaks down a word, it's meaning, and more. He oft goes to battle with his liberal teleprompter during this segment, adding to the laughs. This app gives you access to every "Word" ever recorded, so you can take the funny on the go.
  2. Onion News Network
    Onion News Network This app gives you access to the entire ONN video catalog. You can browse all of their content by date or popularity can stream the videos right to your handset for free.
  3. Stewartisms
    Stewartisms Use this app to pull up quotes from America's most trusted (fake) news anchor. When you come across one you like, it only takes a push of a button to share it with your social networks, twitter, Facebook and more.
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