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Android Apps I Can't Wait to Try  by sharakarasic

sharakarasic says: About to get a new Android phone and checking out these great lists of apps - here are the first apps I want.
sharakarasic's picks
  1. Car Locator
    Car Locator I recently went on a trip to DC and walked in circles and circles trying to find where I parked. Need this app.
  2. Amazon Kindle
    Amazon Kindle I need me my Kindle whatever device I'm on.
  3. Aldiko Book Reader
    Aldiko Book Reader I was a bookworm before becoming an app worm, so the more readers the better.



Hey Shara, I use Kindle a lot; great app. I also like Audible Download Manager too (also associated with Amazon). The audio books can get expensive, however, if you sign up as a gold member, for $8 a month you get a credit good for any book, and most are around $15.
By the way, you wouldn't need "car locater" if you'd just stay out of DC. :-)

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thanks for your help

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