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Say cheese! Camera apps for your Android  by GirlGoneGeek

GirlGoneGeek says: Since it's absurdly easy to get your photos from your Android phone off to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and other places, you'd better make sure they look good before you share them! These apps bring a little extra flash to your built-in camera, a little serious and a little fun.
GirlGoneGeek's picks
  1. FxCamera - a free camera app
    FxCamera - a free camera app Oh, this one is fun! It's got a "normal" setting for you to use if you choose, but the whole point of this app is to really jazz up your photos. Turn your subject into a 4-part Warhol painting, or take a Polaroid with a vintage film look (sadly, it won't PRINT the Polaroid). You can play with color filters and photo sizes, but this one may not be for the serious photographer. (Free)
  2. Camera 360
    Camera 360 This one steps it up a notch and gives you fun with effects as well as some more professional tools. In addition to the fun filters and effects, this one puts adjustment in your hands with white balance, flash choices, and a few other tools. (Free)
  3. PRO Zoom Camera 5X
    PRO Zoom Camera 5X All right, I paid for it. I had to see what this "PRO" was all about. This app definitely trumps the others in terms of real photography tools, but it doesn't skimp on fun. Geotag your pictures. Add captions right away - think of being able to submit a LOLcat on the go! And as a double whammy, it also includes a camcorder. This one really could knock your stock camera app out of the park. FroYo ready. ($2.99 and worth it)
  4. Retro Camera
    Retro Camera This one really is just for fun. The interface is almost like an old-fashioned toy camera, and lets you play with special effects like scratch and vignette. It's more of a supplement to your stock camera app than, a replacement, but fun to have on board. (Free)
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