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Disaster Readiness Android Apps  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: The world can be a rough place. But knowledge is power and there are some tools that can keep you up to date on current disaster situations and emergency response techniques and tricks. These apps can help you stay in the know and prepared for the worst.
kcooper11's picks
  1. Earthquake
    Earthquake This app is a must if you live near a fault line. You can sty up to date with the latest earthquake info from around the world. Browse the interactive map to view quakes and use vibration to compare magnitude.
  2. Disaster Readiness
    Disaster Readiness This app is your goto manual for any disaster you can imagine. From tsunamis, tornadoes or even man made chemical disasters. This is a very thorough guide complete with step by step instructions on how to secure, treat and survive the worst case scenario.
  3. Emergency QuickDial Widget
    Emergency QuickDial Widget Use this app to store your emergency info such as blood type and medication allergies. It also allows you to quickly call emergency service numbers like police, fire, or ambulance. You can also choose your personal emergency contacts which the app can send your gps coordinates in case of an accident.
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