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Best Android App Lists in Tools

59 app lists in Tools
Apps for cleaning

Is it cleaning apps or apps cleaning? Check out the list ...
by Irishgirl87

History Clean Simple Clean Contacts Clean-up see full list
Root User Toolbox

I finally Rooted my Android Phone, and so I decided to ma...
by deathsdezire

Superuser ROM Toolbox Lite BusyBox for Android Titanium Backup ★ root Wireless Tether for Root Users see full list
Handy Networking Tools

If you ever want to access your lovely network devices (s...
by DeviceMonstah

VPNC Widget ConnectBot AndSMB (samba client) AndFTP (your FTP client) Fing - Network Tools see full list
Currency Converter apps

like translation, there are many ways to find out how to ...
by Irishgirl87

Currency Exchange rates Currency see full list
Translation Apps

Here are a few useful apps for when you are at work or if...
by Irishgirl87

Google Translate iTranslate - free translator Translate see full list
Security for your phone

Here are some security apps that do not only involve putt...
by Irishgirl87

Lookout Security & Antivirus McAfee WaveSecure (Trial) Security Guarder see full list
Ways to make your phone life longer

Here are some battery app that may help out your phone.
by Irishgirl87

BatteryTime Lite Battery Monitor Battery Watch - Funny Voices see full list
Ways to save and update your contacts easily

If you have a history of losing or mixing up phone number...
by Irishgirl87

MeContacts Bump Groupy / contact by group Contact Analyzer 2 see full list
Dictation Apps

More useful day to day apps
by Irishgirl87

Google Voice Recordoid Dictaphone Lite Dictosyl - Voice Recorder Call Recorder, Text Saver Lite see full list
Document Reader Apps

Make your life a little easier and download an app to rea...
by Irishgirl87

OpenDocument Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader MobilePDFViewer (Free) see full list