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Best Android App Lists in Tools

59 app lists in Tools
Top 5 Android Apps - hand picked

These top 5 Android Apps that are currently available in ...
by arvid

PicMe (Screen Grabber) Abduction! 2 CoPilot Live Europe Tasker Memory Trainer see full list
Top Translation tools

As I often host international couchsurfers, language barr...
by Garick

Google Translate Universal Translator English Arabic Translator Free BabelFish Voice: German BabelFish Voice: Spanish see full list
Translation Apps

Here are a few useful apps for when you are at work or if...
by Irishgirl87

Google Translate iTranslate - free translator Translate see full list
Ways to make your phone life longer

Here are some battery app that may help out your phone.
by Irishgirl87

BatteryTime Lite Battery Monitor Battery Watch - Funny Voices see full list
Ways to save and update your contacts easily

If you have a history of losing or mixing up phone number...
by Irishgirl87

MeContacts Bump Groupy / contact by group Contact Analyzer 2 see full list
Ways to speed your phone up

Does your phone ever get too full? Maybe a few of these a...
by Irishgirl87

Super Box paid(10 tools in 1 ) File Expert with Clouds Fast Cleaner - Boost Ram Cache Advanced Task Cleaner Pro CacheCleaner NG see full list
Wireless and Network Utilities for Geeks

I do a lot of onsite tech support, so I have a few trick ...
by dremhmrk2

Tricorder Wifi Analyzer Voice Search Droidlight LED Flashlight see full list
Writing tools for the Creative Writer

Here are a few apps to keep your creative mind going thro...
by Irishgirl87

GenialWriting Becoming Creative Poetry 4 U My Writing Spot (lite) see full list
You know what time it is. It's Business Time..

Here's a list of personal finance and communications tool...
by Garick

Square Free Conference Calls Expensify Mint: Personal Finance & Money TripIt: Trip Planner see full list