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Best Android App Lists in Tools

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Favorite Utilities May 2011

If you usually like my picks, check these out! Enjoy!
by droidbot1000

Jobrio Job Search Perfect Ear SemiSilent see full list
File Storage on your phone

If you think you can only have extra file storage on your...
by Irishgirl87

Dropbox Files Anywhere SugarSync see full list
Film Geek Android Apps

I went to film school for both undergraduate and graduate...
by diablolita

IMDb Movies & TV Fandango Movies Kodak Cinema Tools Netflix Movie Stream see full list
Geeky Utilities

Check out these apps I can't live without!
by xoomxoom

Transparent Screen Hacker's Dictionary English Verbs OfficeSuite + PDF Editor see full list
Handy Networking Tools

If you ever want to access your lovely network devices (s...
by DeviceMonstah

VPNC Widget ConnectBot AndSMB (samba client) AndFTP (your FTP client) Fing - Network Tools see full list
High Powered Android Utilities

Getting things done is the name of the game. Most of the ...
by kcooper11

RealCalc Scientific Calculator Uninstaller Wifi Analyzer Bluetooth OnOff  for Droid BatteryTime Lite see full list
Home improvement apps to keep in your toolbelt

Android is all about making it easy to be more mobile, bu...
by GirlGoneGeek

Magnetic Stud Finder iHandy Level Free TapeRuler Handy Construction Calculator Construction Master Pro see full list
Keep your android safe and secure with these apps

Keeping your devices and your information safe is very im...
by JennyMurphy

Lookout Security & Antivirus Norton Security and Antivirus KeeperĀ® Password Manager Security & Power Booster -free AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android see full list
Keep Your Droid Running FAST and LEAN

Getting a Droid was a fun, new experience. But it took me...
by dugn

AppMonster Pro Backup Restore App2sd - Move apps to sdcard inKa File Manager JuiceDefender - battery saver Wifi Analyzer see full list
Knitting Tools

As a knitter, these apps are invaluable tools to have han...
by Mandroid3

Knitting Stash Knitting Kit KnitWit Knit/Crochet Tools see full list