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Best Android App Lists in Personalization

279 app lists in Personalization
Apps to take advantage of your new shiny Nexus One

I just got a nexus one, and coming from the G1, i've wip...
by karitas

Substrate Live Wallpapers MixZing Upgrader Google Translate Google Goggles App Referrer see full list
Apps with the best widgets

Make the most of your homescreens with these apps that ha...
by Saperle

WidgetLocker Lockscreen Beautiful Widgets Pro UK & World News LauncherPro Winamp see full list
Awesome Easter Apps!

Just in time for Easter! Here are a few to celebrate this...
by Garick

Bubble Blast Easter Easter Day wallpapers Party Food Recipes Easter cheer Easter Sounds see full list
Awesome Live Wallpaper Apps

Customize your phone with a live motion background so tha...
by Gabellini

Earth Live Wallpaper Celestial Lite Live Wallpaper City at Night Live Wallpaper see full list
Awesome New Years Wallpaper

Help celebrate the start of the new year with some of the...
by Gabellini

Happy New Year Wallpaper Amazing New Year wallpaper 2012 New Year wallpaper Fireworks Live Wallpaper FREE see full list
Awesome paid Valentines Day apps

Spend a dismal amount of cash and reap the benefits of aw...
by Gabellini

Valentine Messenger Days To Valentine Valentines Live Wallpaper Love Photo Heart Locket see full list
Awesome Tablet Widgets

As I continue to modify and setup my Galaxy Tab 10.1 I ke...
by LadyX

Google Play Music FriendCaster Tab for Facebook Pandora® Radio Google+ LinkedIn Pulse see full list
Bear down, Chicago Bears!

Break out the Bear goggles and get your phone ready for s...
by GirlGoneGeek

Bears News Chicago Bears Clock Widget ESPN Chicago (Official App) Chicago Bears Theme see full list
Best advent calendar apps

Advent is a time to become aware of the upcoming celebrat...
by Mandroid3

Advent calendar with Xmassongs Advent Calendar 2015 Advent Calendar 2013 + Widget see full list
Best Android Apps for a Cancer

I am a Cancer. Here are the apps I use to learn about my...
by diablolita

Cancer Facts Daily Horoscope - Cancer Cancer Daily Horoscope Cancer Zodiac Live Wallpaper Cancer Theme see full list