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Best Android App Lists in Libraries & Demo

37 app lists in Libraries & Demo
Snaptic "Move Your App Challenge" Winners

With 246 registered developers from 3 continents and 12 c...
by Nyceane

Pickup Sports - Sports Workout Dr. Detective: Case #1 Demo Wagz 5 Minutes Break see full list
Take a hike with Android!

When the air turns cool and crisp, don't you just want to...
by GirlGoneGeek

My Tracks BackCountry Nav Topo Maps GPS My Augmented Reality First Aid see full list
The Bible

These apps help you keep the Bible with you at all times,...
by JennyMurphy

Bible + by Olive Tree Bible KJV Bible CadreBible - Bible Software ESV Bible see full list
These birds are not angry

I moved to Topanga, CA recently and live up on top of a m...
by diablolita

Beginners Guide To Bird Watch Bird Atlas Recording Software BirdWatch Calendar Birds Bird Watching see full list
Wait-how DID you meet my mother?

Use these apps to bring you a little piece of the show ev...
by jelagasse

Barney Stinsons Awesome Quotes The Bro Code Canada Trivia Barney sounds. see full list
Wii on Android

I just got a wii and am quickly becoming obsessed. Enough...
by Irishgirl87

Wiimote Controller Wii Controller Demo Wii Newz see full list

Work-flow management is about getting my stuff done bette...
by jgnome

Dropbox Got To Do mNote Memento Database K-9 Mail see full list