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Best Android App Lists in Books & Reference

114 app lists in Books & Reference
The Google apps part 1

Google released numerous apps for Android. Here is a list...
by arvid

Shopper My Maps Editor by Google [DEPRECATED] Chrome to Phone Google Voice Maps see full list
Apps for mobile book reading

This is an assortment of apps that will help you read on ...
by etherealglimpse

Aldiko Book Reader Premium Amazon Kindle Moon+ Reader FactBook NOOK: Read eBooks & Magazines see full list
My 24hrs with Android

I read @GirlGoneGeek 's list: 24 Hours in My App Life ( h...
by arvid

Alarms SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter NS Reisplanner Xtra see full list
When I travel I have with me...

the following apps. I travel a lot for my work and having...
by arvid

FlightTrack Evernote - stay organized. The Weather Channel Moby Foursquare — Best City Guide see full list
For Those Who Wordplay

Use your Droid to strengthen your word power. Here are a...
by dugn

Wordfeud WordUp! A Word A Day Quickpedia v1.07 see full list
Dugn's Must Have Apps

I'm a high-tech guy who likes to read the news, play game...
by dugn

Advanced Task Killer Pro Battery Left PRO Wordfeud WordUp! see full list
Start the Android experience on your Samsung Galaxy tab

You just bought your Samsung Galaxy tab so which apps sho...
by arvid

old app......... TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter NewsRob Pro Evernote - stay organized. PicSay - Photo Editor see full list
Apps for know-it-alls

So, you're always right. You know the answers on Jeopardy...
by CupcakesAndCode

Conversion Tool Urban Dictionary Bubble SoundHound Music Search see full list
Learning Japanese

I have been learning Japanese for a few months now and I'...
by Nekoyoubi

Human Japanese Lite Human Japanese Hiragana Cards ColorDict Dictionary Google Translate see full list
Mmmm... Android apps in the kitchen

My kitchen skills used to be limited to pasta and anythin...
by GirlGoneGeek

Epicurious Recipe App Cooking Conversions Meat Cooking Reference Grill Guide see full list