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Best Android App Lists in Books & Reference

114 app lists in Books & Reference
My Finnish List - Must Have Android Apps for Learning Finnish

I remember learning in linguistics class that Finnish and...
by diablolita

English<>Finnish Dictionary TR Finnish for Smart Keyboard Byki Finnish SPB Finnish Cards Finnish Dialog see full list
My Humble Appinion

I am always on the look out for app on the Droid platform...
by jerriemc23

Retro Camera old app......... PrinterShare Premium Key The United States Constitution see full list
My Jet Set List

I love to travel! Do you? Then you might like this list...
by diablolita

StayHIP aMetro - World Subway Maps Travel CheckList GateGuru, feat. Airport Maps WikiMobile (Wikipedia Browser) see full list
My Norwegian List - Must Have Android Apps for Learning Norwegian

I would like to visit Norway, so I am using these apps to...
by diablolita

SlideIT Norwegian Classic Pack English<>Norwegian DictionaryT Byki Norwegian Speak Norwegian Free English Norwegian Tutor see full list
My Peruvian List - Top 5 Apps for Traveling Peru

I am planning a South American trip and these are the app...
by diablolita

Perú Noticias Peru Quick Facts Peru Journeys To Golden Cities Spanish Dictionary by Oxford PERU LIVE FLAG see full list
My Russki List

I am currently dating a Russian space scientist. I keep ...
by diablolita

x Russian Translator/Dictionar Russian Keyboard PROGOROD navigator Russian - English  SlovoEd Oxford Russian Dictionary see full list
My Swedish List - Must Have Android Apps for Learning Swedish

As usual, my language learning requirements depend on wha...
by diablolita

Speak Swedish English to Swedish Flashcards SlideIT Swedish Classic Pack Swedish Synonyms Swedish-English Dictionary see full list
My Weed List

I quit smoking/vaporizing/eating weed - but I used to kno...
by diablolita

Dr Weed Weedmaps – Marijuana Strains Cannabis Pocket Reference Marijuana Encyclopedia Weed Finder! see full list
My Yiddishe List

My mother's father spoke nothing but Yiddish. He used to...
by diablolita

Yiddish Slang Dictionary Yiddish Dialog NF Translator The Ten Commandments uTalk Yiddish see full list
Potent Potables

Beer snob? Wine aficionado? Looking for a less than sober...
by Saperle

Beer Cellar Lite Drync Wine Free Urbanspoon Restaurant Reviews OpenTable: Restaurants Near Me Beer Dictionary see full list