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Best Android App Lists in Books & Reference

114 app lists in Books & Reference
Dream Analysis

Keep track and analyze your dreams. Stay inspired.
by droidbot1000

Dream Journal Demo Dream Quotes Dream Dictionary Dream Psycholo... (ebook Free) see full list
Dugn's Must Have Apps

I'm a high-tech guy who likes to read the news, play game...
by dugn

Advanced Task Killer Pro Battery Left PRO Wordfeud WordUp! see full list
Favorite Apps

just stuff
by icotton

chomp SMS Opera Mini Taptu Touch Search Urban Dictionary Ghost RadarĀ®: CLASSIC see full list
Favorite Book and Reference Apps

Learn something new everyday.
by xoomxoom

Greek Mythology Hacker's Dictionary ASL Lite see full list
For Those Who Wordplay

Use your Droid to strengthen your word power. Here are a...
by dugn

Wordfeud WordUp! A Word A Day Quickpedia v1.07 see full list
For Your Reference

You never know when these apps might be handy!
by droidbot1000

Clinicians Drug Reference 2011 United States Constitution FEMA see full list
Geeky Utilities

Check out these apps I can't live without!
by xoomxoom

Transparent Screen Hacker's Dictionary English Verbs OfficeSuite + PDF Editor see full list
Geography Apps

Keep the knowledge of the WHOLE WORLD on hand, and in you...
by kcooper11

Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz FactBook Ad-Free geographyalltheway see full list
Great Apps for History Buffs

Whether you're studying some sort of history or are simpl...
by Gabellini

WikiMobile (Wikipedia Browser) Wiki Encyclopedia Britannica Encyclopedia  2011 see full list
Great Stoner Apps

Here in California, even if you don't have a doctor's rec...
by diablolita

Weed Strains 3D: joinTogether WeedLaws: Marijuana Law Guide Marijuana Encyclopedia Marijuana Live Wallpaper Medical Marijuana GrowApp see full list