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Free apps to celebrate the new year

I like bringing in the new year with a celebratory flair....
by Mandroid3

New Year Quotes New Year Jigsaw Puzzle Jokes: New Year Happy New Year Pics see full list
Celebrate Hanukkah apps

I believe in honoring all holidays and have found these a...
by Mandroid3

Hanukkah Poems Hanukkah Dreidel FREE Menorah - Chanukah - חנוכה see full list
Santa Claus

If you love Santa, check out these apps!
by droidbot1000

A Christmas Santa Talking Santa Claus Funny Santa Claus, Xmas Songs see full list
Jack's Favorites

I run a small technology business. I love my Android and ...
by Jack3rd

Bible Evernote - stay organized. Maps Skyfire Web Browser 4.0 ADWLauncher EX see full list
Must have free apps

These are my favorites, free and sort of basic they help ...
by Chris74

SPIEGEL ONLINE - News Note Monger - take notes Alchemy Facebook Flipboard: Your News Magazine see full list
Entertaining Apps That Are Now Free

Get these apps before it's too late!
by Gabellini

Fire Spray Paint Can LightSaberEditor see full list
Xoom Fun

Check out these games. They are fun!
by xoomxoom

BLOOD & GLORY Androidify AGENT:SHOOTER (AD-Supported) see full list
Top 5 Fun and Funny Thanksgiving Android Apps

These will help you blow off a little steam around the Th...
by diablolita

Thanksgiving Turkey Calls Thanksgiving Turkey Gobble! Thanksgiving Matching Dirty Thanksgiving Phrases Thanksgiving facts & Jokes see full list
Best apps to help you feel like you're in Italy

As someone who loves to travel and gets to do little, the...
by Mandroid3

Radio Italy Live Touring the Cities of Italy Fun Facts About Italy Virtual Tour of Italy 3D see full list
Best Thanksgiving entertainment apps

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing with family and friend...
by Mandroid3

Thanksgiving facts & Jokes Dirty Thanksgiving Phrases Thanksgiving Turkey Gobble! Thanksgiving cards see full list