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Best Android App Lists in Entertainment

164 app lists in Entertainment
New Year Apps

Erm, Hi. I thought with the impending NEW YEAR why not ca...
by robbiebrackandroid

New Year 2011 Countdown AppMgr III (App 2 SD) ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal Touch see full list
Christmas with a bit of gaming

At your families christmas dinner but feeling bored? On t...
by etherealglimpse

Pandas vs Ninjas Christmas GRave Defense Holidays Bubble Blast Holiday see full list
Comic Reading on the Galaxy tab

Want to read some comics on your Galaxy tab or any other ...
by arvid

jjComics Viewer A Comic Viewer Perfect Viewer Vintage Comic Droid see full list
Look sir, Droid!

I thought I would do a list in honor of the namesake of D...
by Saperle

3D Lightsaber Star Wars Light Saber Star Wars 21 Clock Set 2x2 Impossible Star Wars Trivia Star Wars Gadgets see full list
Surprisingly fun games with reality augmentation

A few games that are actually fun using augmented reality...
by etherealglimpse

iSnipeYou (Full) PhotoShoot - The Duel Sky Siege Arcade Parallel Kingdom MMO see full list

for my customers
by Deleted User

Pandora Handcent SMS Facebook see full list
Soundboard Fun

Its great having fun and playing around with friends. I p...
by CruiseLover

Step Brothers Movie Soundboard Dave Chapelle Soundboard Arnold Soundboard Napoleon Dynamite - Soundboard see full list
My Humble Appinion

I am always on the look out for app on the Droid platform...
by jerriemc23

Retro Camera old app......... PrinterShare Premium Key The United States Constitution see full list
Hilarity in your Hand

Need a laugh? Here are some humour-inducing apps for you...
by Saperle

Onion News Network The Colbert Report: The Word x Comedy Radio Free Rick Roll see full list
The Royal Selection

The most royal and useful apps for android. Useful, Fun a...
by alpha1

3G Watchdog - Data Usage Locale MiniSquadron! old app......... Train Times UK see full list