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Animal Games for Kids

These games are fun for toddlers to probably about age 7....
by droidbot1000

Who Am I for Kids Fun at the Zoo Mouse Trap Abduction! see full list
Apps for That Boring Meeting

We've all been required to go to those meetings, you know...
by LadyX

Facebook Cheezurger Sites - LOL Images FML - Fuck My Life Trillian see full list
Apps for the lazy Sunday

It is Sunday and you are lazy. Which apps will make it ev...
by arvid

Grill Guide Livesports24 F1™ Racing Remember The Milk Kobo Books - Reading App Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz see full list
Apps I can't wait to try out on my Galaxy Tab 10.1

I pre-ordered my Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the 8th and I've been...
by LadyX

LinkedIn Pulse Google Body Docs To Go™ Free Office Suite Glympse - Share GPS location DrawFree - Honeycomb Tablet see full list
Apps to Keep You Sane After Surgery

I recently got out of surgery and am on the road to recov...
by LadyX

Google Body Jelly Defense Words With Friends Classic BUZZ Player Med Minder - Free see full list
Apps to make the Summer lasts longer

The end of Summer is nearing and the beginning of school ...
by Irishgirl87

Summer Time Scene FULL Summer Games Summer Fade see full list
Awesome Entertainment Apps

Sometimes you gotta have some fun! Here are some cool ap...
by JennyMurphy

Movies by Flixster Netflix YouTube TMZ Pandora® Radio see full list
Be one with the Red Carpet this Sunday Evening

Academy Awards are arriving in just a few short days. I, ...
by Irishgirl87

Oscar 2011 Oscar Quotes Pro Oscars Live From the Red Carpet see full list
Be ready for any party

These apps should help you get your parted started and th...
by etherealglimpse

Party Planner Amazon Is It A Party? Drinking Games Drinking Buddy (Games, Mixes) see full list
Best Apps for Celebrity Gossipers

Keep in the loop of all the newest and most juicy celebri...
by Mandroid3

TMZ PEOPLE Celeb News E! News see full list