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Best Android App Lists in Entertainment

164 app lists in Entertainment
Museum Exhibits

Here are some well known exhibits people go and see from ...
by Irishgirl87

Museums In NYC MoMA QuintessArt - Art Museum see full list
Must have free apps

These are my favorites, free and sort of basic they help ...
by Chris74

SPIEGEL ONLINE - News Note Monger - take notes Alchemy Facebook Flipboard: Your News Magazine see full list
My Android Killer Apps

The must have android apps
by alisabki

LauncherPro Barcode Scanner Due Today Tasks & To-do List Got To Do Google — made for mobile see full list
My Favorite Android Apps for Las Vegas, Nevada

by JennyMurphy

Entertainment of Las Vegas VegasWay Las Vegas Photos Las Vegas EzTaxi Las Vegas see full list
My Favorite Monopoly Game Apps for Android

February 6, 1935- The board game Monopoly first went on s...
by JennyMurphy

MONOPOLY Pocket Rules - Monopoly The Real Monopoly Monopoly Deal Cheat Monopoly Trade Evaluator see full list
My Humble Appinion

I am always on the look out for app on the Droid platform...
by jerriemc23

Retro Camera old app......... PrinterShare Premium Key The United States Constitution see full list
My Weed List

I quit smoking/vaporizing/eating weed - but I used to kno...
by diablolita

Dr Weed Weedmaps – Marijuana Strains Cannabis Pocket Reference Marijuana Encyclopedia Weed Finder! see full list
Name Brand Apps

Have access to your favorite store apps. Target, WalMart,...
by Irishgirl87

Target Yahoo - News, Sports & More WalMart for Android 7,800+ Beer Brands see full list
Netflix Lovers

If you have ever been on of those people who randomly thi...
by Irishgirl87

Flicks Watcher for Netflix Netflix Notifier Critics Pix For Netflix see full list
New Year Apps

Erm, Hi. I thought with the impending NEW YEAR why not ca...
by robbiebrackandroid

New Year 2011 Countdown AppMgr III (App 2 SD) ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal Touch see full list