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Best Android App Lists in Entertainment

Editors' Picks
Magnificent Movie Apps for Android

A few short years ago we mainly used our phones to make a...
by Shane_

Netflix IMDb Movies & TV Fandango Movies Google Play Movies & TV TCM - Turner Classic Movies see full list
Apps from Geico Commercials

We've all seem them.. the Geico commercials with people d...
by LadyX

Yeah Dog! GEICO BroStache GEICO Guinea Pig Getaway GEICO Guitar APP GEICO Arcade see full list
Best free ringtone apps

Annoying sounds are often heard these days coming from ce...
by Mandroid3

Ringdroid Ringtones Android Fun Ringtones MP3 Ringtone Maker see full list
Best Apps for Watching Internet Videos

With millions of terrible videos online, it's apps like t...
by Gabellini

YouTube Vevo - Watch HD Music Videos YouTube Remote Adobe Flash Player 11 see full list
Most helpful apps for keeping on top of new dvd's and viewing them

These apps help you keep current with new dvd releases an...
by Mandroid3

DVD to Android DVD Weekly Podcast New Movie Releases & DVD s Pro see full list
164 app lists in Entertainment

If you love cartoons, then check out these apps.
by xoomxoom

Draw Cartoons Cartoon Camera Garfield's Defense see full list
TV/Film Entertainment Favorites on Tablet

If you usually like my picks, then check these out.
by droidbot1000

Animal Planet Discovery Netflix see full list
Favorite Apps for Funny Videos

If you're looking for a laugh, these apps will deliver th...
by JennyMurphy

Funny Or Die Jimmy Kimmel Live Official App Adam Carolla - Official App The Colbert Report's The Word The Daily Show Headlines see full list
Best Celebrity Gossip Apps

Who doesn't love their celebrity gossip from time to time...
by diablolita

E! News TMZ Perez Hilton News PEOPLE Celeb News Us Weekly Mobile Launcher see full list
Awesome Entertainment Apps

Sometimes you gotta have some fun! Here are some cool ap...
by JennyMurphy

Movies by Flixster Netflix YouTube TMZ Pandora® Radio see full list
SXSW fun

Are you there? Are you going? Are you tired of everyone t...
by Deleted User

SXSW® GO - Official 2016 SXSW Eco Forecast Yelp see full list
Facts on Tablet

Do you love Facts, then these apps are for you!
by xoomxoom

Random Facts Awesome Facts Fun Facts Psychology Facts see full list
Trivia on Tablet

If you love trivia, then these apps are for you.
by xoomxoom

Sports Trivia Celebrity Trivia World Capitals Trivia see full list
Entertaining Apps That Are Free as of Right NOW!

Get em while they're free and you won't regret it!
by Gabellini

TV Shows Light StunGun Prank The Dieometer Police Car Chases TV: Ultimate see full list
Fun Trumpet Apps

If you enjoy either playing the trumpet or hearing it bei...
by Gabellini

Virtual trumpet Trumpet Ringtone The Trumpet see full list