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Best Paid Football Games for Android

Enjoy the game in more ways for fair prices.
by Gabellini

Robot Football Pro MADDEN NFL 12 by EA SPORTS™ Backbreaker Football see full list
Top 5 Fun and Funny Thanksgiving Android Apps

These will help you blow off a little steam around the Th...
by diablolita

Thanksgiving Turkey Calls Thanksgiving Turkey Gobble! Thanksgiving Matching Dirty Thanksgiving Phrases Thanksgiving facts & Jokes see full list
Best Thanksgiving game apps

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing with family and friend...
by Mandroid3

Thanksgiving Matching Thanksgiving for Kids Thanksgiving Flash Cards see full list
Appolicious Apps

Trying something new.
by fhightower0715

Games 3 in 1 News puzzles see full list
Best Speed (or Spit!) Card Games for Android

Spit! (or Speed) used to be my favorite card game as a gr...
by diablolita

Spit Speed Solitaire Spit !  Speed ! Card Game Free Spit! Speed Card Speed Solitaire see full list
Favorite Card Games for Android

Here are some of my favorite card games for Android.
by diablolita

UNO Speed Card Free Tri Peaks HD iSpades - A Spades Game Canasta see full list
Cute Sheep Games for Android

Nothing beats playing with fluffy sheep.
by diablolita

Clouds & Sheep Abduction! 2 Sheep Launcher Freee! Sheep Invaders Sheep Mania - Puzzle Islands see full list
Best Android Apps for Hardcore Nerds

Put your nerd power to the test with these seriously nerd...
by diablolita

LHSee WiFi File Explorer Trillian Screenshot It GameBoid (GBA Emulator) see full list
Best of Classic Games 2011

by droidbot1000

Classic Tetris Mahjong Labyrinth Lite Chess for Android Odesys Solitaire see full list
Thanksgiving Countdown!

by droidbot1000

Thanksgiving Countdown FREE Thanksgiving Matching Thanksgiving Flash Cards see full list