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Best Halloween app games for young kids

Kids love Halloween thus a great way to teach them is thr...
by Mandroid3

Connect the dot-Halloween Lite Halloween Puzzle Game How To Go - Halloween see full list
Fun and Spooky Halloween Games

Whether you're a kid or an adult these games will amuse a...
by LadyX

Carnival of Horrors Lite Devilry Huntress Lite Spooky Hangman Prize Claw Seasons Halloween Kitty see full list
Favorite Android Apps for Puppy Lovers

More puppies!
by diablolita

Puppy Live Wallpaper Original Cute Puppies Funny Puppy Wallpaper iSlider Puppy slide Puzzles Puppies Memory Game see full list
Truth or Dare?

You are never too old to play Truth or Dare. Here are so...
by JennyMurphy

Truth or Dare: Seriously Fun Truth or Dare for Couples Game Truth or Dare Truth or Dare for Grown Ups Truth or Dare (Sexy) see full list

Cricket anyone? Games and insect sounds included.
by droidbot1000

Turbo Cricket Cricket Crickets see full list
Must-Have Android Apps involving ELEPHANTS!

My mom's favorite animal is the elephant, and I have to a...
by diablolita

Dancing Elephant Baby Elephant Wallpapers Elephant Wallpapers Elephantz - Zuma Jewels Game! Talking Elephant see full list
Top Racing Games

When I'm missing being at the track there is no better wa...
by LadyX

Racing Moto Moto X Mayhem Free Lane Splitter Bike Mania Racing Drag Racing Classic see full list
Droidbot1000 Favorite Games Sept. 2011

If you usually like my picks, check these out!
by droidbot1000

Free Running 3D - Glow Ball Dominoes! Domino Run Lite Pinball Classic see full list
Apps for the Young Geek

A friend of mine recently messaged me asking for a list o...
by LadyX

They Need To Be Fed Google Body Paper Camera Vignette惻Photo effects My Coffee Card see full list
Multiplayer Games for you phone

Ever hang out with friends and wonder what to do? Here ar...
by Irishgirl87

Gem Miner Cestos Full Multiplayer Chess Block Push Multiplayer Free see full list