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Mommy Needs a Time Out

These are a few apps I've found to entertain a toddler. ...
by MikaelaLynn

Toddler Lock Alphabet for Toddlers Toddlers Trifling Toddler World Lite see full list
Most Addictive Android Games

This is a list of the apps that have eaten most of my lif...
by cubeking03

old app......... Slice It! Robo Defense Angry Birds Seasons Fruit Ninja see full list
Multiplayer Games for you phone

Ever hang out with friends and wonder what to do? Here ar...
by Irishgirl87

Gem Miner Cestos Full Multiplayer Chess Block Push Multiplayer Free see full list
Music Lovers Delight

If you love music, then these apps are for you!
by xoomxoom

Walk Band - Multitracks Music LYRIC LEGEND 2 MUSIC GAME Who Sings It?  #1 Hits Indian Musical Instruments see full list
Must Have Apps For NBA Fans

I love watching a good game of basketball and these Apps ...
by Gabellini

NBA League Pass Mobile NBA 2015-16 NBA Pro Basketball see full list
Must Have Games for Sports Fans

When my muscles are tired and my thumbs aren't, I'll sit ...
by Mandroid3

Par 3 Golf II Lite Bocce Pool Billiards Pro Glow Hockey see full list
Must Have Games for Trivia Enthusiasts

For any of my fellow trivia lovers, these apps will chall...
by Gabellini

Trivial Droid ( Quiz Game ) Trivia Burst - IQ Challenge Trivia To Know see full list
Must-Have Android Apps involving ELEPHANTS!

My mom's favorite animal is the elephant, and I have to a...
by diablolita

Dancing Elephant Baby Elephant Wallpapers Elephant Wallpapers Elephantz - Zuma Jewels Game! Talking Elephant see full list
My 24hrs with Android

I read @GirlGoneGeek 's list: 24 Hours in My App Life ( h...
by arvid

Alarms SleepBot - Sleep Cycle Alarm TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter NS Reisplanner Xtra see full list
My Awesome Android Games

I am an Android developer and my picks are my own apps. C...
by brandonlnelson15

Gummy Pop Free Gummy Pop [Free] Get The Gummy Bear 2.0 Poke My Gummy Whack-A-Gummy see full list