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My Youth in Arcades

I grew up in the days of arcades and the Atari 2600. Here...
by Cheshyr

DODONPACHI RESURRECTION ESPGALUDA Ⅱ Pinball Arcade War Pinball HD Pool Break Pro - 3D Billiards see full list
Top 3 Fishing Games for Android

My favorite fishing games for Android to catch tons of fi...
by LanaLang

Russian fishing Gone Fishing: Trophy Catch i Fishing see full list

The best Role Playing Games
by gderiso76

9th Dawn RPG + Cardinal Quest CHRONO TRIGGER Infinite Dungeon FINAL FANTASY see full list
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My Awesome Android Games

I am an Android developer and my picks are my own apps. C...
by brandonlnelson15

Gummy Pop Free Gummy Pop [Free] Get The Gummy Bear 2.0 Poke My Gummy Whack-A-Gummy see full list
Best Kids Games for Android

When you have kids, and have a life outside of kids, you ...
by JennyMurphy

Kid Mode: Free Learning Games Kids Connect the Dots Train Conductor 2: USA Great Little War Game Yummy Burger kids cooking game see full list
Top Social Games on Android

I love playing games and I love people, but with kids, so...
by JennyMurphy

Words With Friends Classic Draw Something Farm Story™ Restaurant Story™ Five Questions (Social Trivia) see full list
Best Brain and Puzzle Games for Android

Whether you want to play on your own or with a virtual fr...
by diablolita

Words With Friends Classic Cut the Rope Jewels Star 100 Floors™ - Can You Escape? Logo Quiz see full list
Memory Games for Kids

Use these apps to improve memory and concentration.
by xoomxoom

Fruits Memory Game Shape Match Game Dogs Match Game Match: Horses see full list
Casual Games

If you usually like my picks, check these out. Great for ...
by droidbot1000

Ping Pong - Best FREE game Name That Car Sniper Mission see full list
Apps for Parents

If you have kids, check out these apps.
by droidbot1000

Hand-shadow Autism Basic Questions Lite Jedi Light Saber see full list
Word Games

Are you a word nerd? Check out these games!
by droidbot1000

Aristocrat Cryptogram MadGab SCRABBLE Free see full list
Best Poker and Casino Games for Android

Do like all the exhilaration of Vegas without the dread o...
by diablolita

Live Hold’em Pro – Poker Games Zynga Poker – Texas Holdem Slotomania - Free Casino Slots Best Video Slots THE ROULETTE see full list
Awesome Arcade Games For Android

Whether you have kids you need to entertain, or just need...
by JennyMurphy

Temple Run Homerun Battle 2 Angry Birds Space Fruit Ninja SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES DEFENSE see full list