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Best Android App Lists in Education

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Job Interview helpers for recent graduates

I have worked many jobs - and as a contractor my intervie...
by diablolita

Job Interview Q&A Job Interview Prep Job interview Questions Quick Start Job Guide Student Interview Guide see full list
Top 5 Best Graduation Party Android Apps

I have graduated 7 times. Been through a lot of school. ...
by diablolita

School's Out! My Graduation Photo Spin the bottle (make rules) Party & Drinking Games Party Light - Free see full list
Mental Math

As a tutor, I've seen how important mastering mental math...
by jelagasse

Math Workout Learn Math via Videos Math Flash Kids Numbers and Math see full list
Top 5 Useful Denver Android Apps

Colorado is the rated healthiest state in the US and I lo...
by diablolita

Illegal Pete's Predominantly Orange Nugg Love Denver Parcel App Denver School of the Arts see full list
Emmulator heaven...relive YOUR past

I'm a big gamer and have grown up with video games my who...
by balzzzy

Nesoid (NES emulator) SNesoid (SNES Emulator) GBCoid (GBC emulator) GameBoid (GBA Emulator) Gearoid (SMS/GameGear emu) see full list
Sign Language Apps

Basic sign language is a good thing to know. You never kn...
by Irishgirl87

ASL Lite ASL American Sign Language Baby Sign and Learn Baby Sign Language Dictionary see full list
How to App-ly to College

Applying to college can be really time-consuming, really ...
by Saperle

Simple Spreadsheet (free/ads) School Finder College Search Maps College Acceptance! Deadlines Calendar see full list
Free Education from Socratica

We all love free and was impressed by Socratica's "U.S. P...
by Garick

U.S. Presidents Pi Alphabets Words, words, words! Quotes see full list
Who you callin' Hebrew?

As if I haven't already learned enough snippets of langua...
by diablolita

English Hebrew  Dictionary Hebrew/English Translator Hebrew Keyboard - Small Hebrew Bible Hebrew Calendar Widget see full list
Mein List

If you actually used any of these apps you would find tha...
by diablolita

German Translator AG German Newspapers FREE SlideIT German QWERTZ Pack Collins German Dictionary German Verbs see full list