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Best Android App Lists in Education

60 app lists in Education
The Best Apps for Teachers

As teachers we're always looking for cool resources to he...
by JennyMurphy

TED Wikipedia Socrative Teacher Teacher Aide Pro (v1) NASA App see full list
Top 5 Android Apps for learning Greek Mythology

I love mythology, I've been studying it all my life. Her...
by diablolita

Greek Mythological Creatures Greek And Roman Mythology Greek Mythology Greek and Roman Mythology Greek see full list
Top 5 Android Apps for Mythology Students

I love mythology and have studied it all my life. These ...
by diablolita

Myths and Legends of China Egyptian Myth And Legend Teutonic Myth And Legend Myths of Babylonia and Assyria Chukchee Mythology see full list
Top 5 Best Graduation Party Android Apps

I have graduated 7 times. Been through a lot of school. ...
by diablolita

School's Out! My Graduation Photo Spin the bottle (make rules) Party & Drinking Games Party Light - Free see full list
Top 5 Useful Denver Android Apps

Colorado is the rated healthiest state in the US and I lo...
by diablolita

Illegal Pete's Predominantly Orange Nugg Love Denver Parcel App Denver School of the Arts see full list
Top Translation tools

As I often host international couchsurfers, language barr...
by Garick

Google Translate Universal Translator English Arabic Translator Free BabelFish Voice: German BabelFish Voice: Spanish see full list
Track your school assignments

Often students lose track of when assignments are due and...
by Mandroid3

Student Guide Student's Pet Grades: Student Organizer see full list
Who Says Education Can't Be Fun?

These are some games that will cause your brain to pump a...
by Mandroid3

Spelling Bee Math Quiz for All Ages Brain Cafe | GeoQuiz see full list
Who you callin' Hebrew?

As if I haven't already learned enough snippets of langua...
by diablolita

English Hebrew  Dictionary Hebrew/English Translator Hebrew Keyboard - Small Hebrew Bible Hebrew Calendar Widget see full list
¡Aprenda el español!

I love picking up new languages but who has time to study...
by Saperle

Learn Spanish With Pictures Mobi Flash Cards Spanish THS Spanish Word of the Day Spanish Newspapers see full list