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Best Android App Lists in News & Magazines

176 app lists in News & Magazines
Political Apps

Regardless of your political views, you need help staying...
by kcooper11

VoterMap ElectionCaster Politics News Worlds Smallest Political Quiz United States Constitution see full list
Post Op Apps

I recently had surgery on my right leg and have been temp...
by worldwidewonder

LinkedIn Pulse RockPlayer Universal z - Laputa Reader TuneIn Radio - Radio & Music eBuddy Messenger see full list
Read magazines on your Android tablet or smartphone

There are a lot of great news apps in the Google Play Sto...
by Deleted User

Zinio: 5000+ Digital Magazines Time Mobile PEOPLE Celeb News Zite The Economist see full list
Refill fuel advance

The costs are calculated up to date for each car based on...
by Anubavam

Social Droid v1.2.1 Fun Dice Sport News see full list
RSS readers

Great apps to keep up with your RSS-subscriptions
by arvid

Google Reader NewsRob Pro LinkedIn Pulse Listen RssDemon Elite - RSS News Read see full list
Save paper and get your newspaper apps

You can have your whole world and news all on your phone
by Irishgirl87

World Newspapers Newspapers USA TODAY US Newspapers see full list
Save paper and read magazines on your phone.

Why take the time to go to the store just to buy and flip...
by Irishgirl87

Time Mobile PEOPLE Celeb News Science Mobile Sports Illustrated News see full list

by shikofilmtv

Watch Action Movies Warehousing News Sport see full list
Simple Talking Clock

I like simplicity so i decided to select this app
by mkvidyashankar

Clock Talk Sky Clock Talk 3  FREE Australia News in App FREE see full list

for my customers
by Deleted User

Pandora Handcent SMS Facebook see full list