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Best Android App Lists in Music & Audio

94 app lists in Music & Audio
Be a One Man Band with these Apps

There are lots of ways to make and share music with your ...
by kcooper11

Chord! (Guitar Chord Finder) Vocal Ease RD3 - Groovebox Myspace see full list
favourite audio apps

my view of the current best audio apps available for Android
by makjaveli

RD3 Demo - Groovebox Tuner - gStrings Free Electrum Drum Machine/Sampler DJ PRO see full list
Keeping your iTunes & Android Synced

I hate having to carry more than 1 device around. Luckily...
by kcooper11

doubleTwist Player & Podcasts TuneSync iSyncr for iTunes (legacy) see full list
Android Apps for the Lovers of Live Music

Going to shows is one of my favorite pastimes, but as a m...
by kcooper11

Concerts³ Gigbox Shazam BIC® Concert Lighter see full list