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Best Android App Lists in Music & Audio

94 app lists in Music & Audio
Apps that Chillax

Relax with these apps!
by droidbot1000

Music Therapy for Refreshment Brainwave Tuner Lite Dienchan Facy Therapy Binaural Beats Therapy see full list
Apps to get your groove on at Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza is THIS WEEKEND in the fine city of Chicago ...
by GirlGoneGeek

Lollapalooza Official App Chicago Transit Tracker Lite RedEye Chicago see full list
Apps to help you organize your own Halloween party!

Organizing your own Halloween party? These apps can help ...
by arvid

Halloween Planner Carve a Pumpkin! Everything Halloween Halloween Trivia Camera ZOOM FX Halloween Pack see full list
Apps with the best widgets

Make the most of your homescreens with these apps that ha...
by Saperle

WidgetLocker Lockscreen Beautiful Widgets Pro UK & World News LauncherPro Winamp see full list
Audio Android Books

For those of you who don't get a lot of chance to sit dow...
by Irishgirl87

Audiobooks from Audible OverDrive MortPlayer Audio Books Audio Books in English see full list
Awesome Entertainment Apps

Sometimes you gotta have some fun! Here are some cool ap...
by JennyMurphy

Movies by Flixster Netflix YouTube TMZ Pandora® Radio see full list
Awesome Ringtone Apps That Don't Cost a Penny!

Customize your ringtone with different tunes and mp3 songs.
by Gabellini

Ringtone Maker Ringtone Architect ZEDGE™ Ringtones & Wallpapers Make a Ringtone MP3  PRO see full list
Awesome Tablet Widgets

As I continue to modify and setup my Galaxy Tab 10.1 I ke...
by LadyX

Google Play Music FriendCaster Tab for Facebook Pandora® Radio Google+ LinkedIn Pulse see full list
Be a One Man Band with these Apps

There are lots of ways to make and share music with your ...
by kcooper11

Chord! (Guitar Chord Finder) Vocal Ease RD3 - Groovebox Myspace see full list
Best Android Apps Featuring Ears

I am a very aural person. Here are some Android apps tha...
by JennyMurphy

Perfect Ear Ear Age Analyzer Ear Infections 40+ Binaurals! | AmbiScience™ Ringing Relief see full list