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Marvel Comics turns your Android into a superhero

by Ian Black

Here’s a secret that might make you feel better about trying the new Marvel Comics Android app — many comics aren’t for kids. While not clearly understood by a lot of adults, comic content aged along with baby boomers and the creators who came from that generation. You’ll now find complex topics and mature themes you would never have seen in the Golden Age. This app is the perfect way to check them out for yourself.

Register with a new account or sign-in to your existing one so the app can create a library of your comic downloads. Search the store for titles based on keyword or creator, or use the tabs for “Featured,” “Just Added” or “Free” to see curated lists. The “Free” content is mostly back issues or previews of newly released or upcoming comics.

Reading works great on any size Android screen. The panel-by-panel view brings the art and word balloons up close, but you can pinch zoom to get even closer. Tap on the right side of the screen to move forward in the comic or on the left to move backward. Individual issues start at 99 cents and go up to about 10 bucks for a series collected into one volume. For comics you download, you can rate them, share them over social networks, or buy them in print.

While purists resist the digital comic movement, you can’t argue with the convenience and portability. This app showcases the medium and the creative talents behind it at Marvel Comics.

Download the free Appolicious Android app