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These great e-reader Android apps are all free

by Caitlin M. Foyt

Your Android may not be the ideal e-reader device, but it's an on-hand convenience that can't be beaten. If you don't mind reading your e-books on the smaller screen, you can have instant access to hundreds of titles whether you're on the go, or settling into bed for the night. For many, it's no longer a question of whether or not they read e-books via their mobile device, but which app do they prefer? Here's a listing of some of the better e-reader applications currently available in the Android Market.

e-Book Sellers

Kindle (Free)

There's a reason we're always hearing about Kindle. With the tie-in to the Amazon Kindle e-bookstore, you won't ever have a problem finding, buying and then reading great e-book titles. You can synchronize your e-book reading across various platforms including your laptop or desktop computer. This way, the next time you boot up Kindle on your Droid, the app will always display the last page you've accessed.

NOOK for Android by B&N (Free)

This app is so special because it allows you to lend your e-books to other readers, just like you might with a traditional book. This app also combines the bookstore with the digital bookshelf and allows for easy reading of your favorite titles. Barnes & Noble has over 2 million titles to choose from and you can even customize font style, size, and page color.

Reader (Free)

The Reader app by Sony lets you make as many bookmarks as you like and highlight pages to your hearts desire, then jump between these passages with ease. If you want to quickly skip ahead or move back, a slider feature at the bottom of the screen makes page turning easy. The app comes with three books and excerpts pre-loaded. This app will only work with handsets that run Android 2.2 and above.

Kobo eBooks (Free)

While many other Android e-readers apps give you fancy customization options, Kobo eBooks is as plain Jane as they come. The app sticks with giving you the means to buy and then read books. The layout is just as simple as the concept, providing the reader with a crisp, clean platform to read his or her favorite titles.

Audible for Android (Free)

Why read silently to yourself when there's the option of someone reading to you? Free for Android, Audible has a growing collection of books you can listen to, weather you're on a road trip with the family, relaxing by the pool, or hitting the gym. The app caters to your best interests by giving you the option to search by author, genre and even length of time. Audible also allows you to mark your place and quickly scan through chapters.

General e-Readers

Google Books (Free)

With Google Books, you have access to the world's largest selection of e-books and unlimited storage in the digital cloud. You can read everything on the New York Times best sellers list, check out what everyone else seems to be enjoying and see what's new. Everything is neatly organized into categories for easy navigation. You can also pick up where you left off whether you're on your Android device or computer.

Aldiko Book Reader (Free)

Aldiko is quite possibly the most aesthetically pleasing e-reader here. It resembles a large wooden bookcase and all your books are stored on the shelves. Not just for looks, these shelves let users organize their library into categories or groupings. The app offers multiple methods of turning pages and a great night-time mode. Aldiko is a free application with a premium version for $2.99 if you would like to show the developer some support.

Cool Reader (Free)

If you're editing a friend's research paper or novel, Cool Reader is a helpful tool to have on hand. The app allows the user to make bookmarks on text fragments for the purposes of writing comments or corrections. Later, your friend can easily export these bookmarks to text file if he or she chooses. An added couple of bonuses, Cool Reader has dictionary support and paperbook-like page turning animation.

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