Developer's Notes for: Black Bear, Loon and Walleye

Developer's Notes

Just the thought alone made their wish come true... Opening weekend sale!
Immerse yourself in this rich, modern-day fable as Black Bear, Loon and Walleye take a wild adventure that teaches them timeless lessons. Watch, read, listen and interact with the creatures as their desire to switch their coats is granted, and the three friends learn to appreciate each others gifts, but most of all to value their own. A delightful experience for all generations and a reminder of the importance of trying new things, knowing yourself and having faith that we all fulfill our unique purposes in life.

A modern experience in the tradition of oral storytelling, the tale comes to life through the interactive animation, dramatic narration and enchanting music. Children can read and sing along, whether at home or sitting around a crackling fire beneath a starlit sky.

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