Developer's Notes for: Cat Owners Veterinary Handbook

Developer's Notes

Cat Owners Veterinary Handbook with over 655 pages.
Everything you need to have a happy and healthy cat.Everything you need to have a happy and healthy cat.
The most complete book on cats todate.The most complete book on cats todate.
Cat Owners Home Veterinary Handbook has been a familiar title on my book-
shelf for more than two decades. It is the book I turn to, time and again, for
definitive answers on feline health. My own cats have pawed at, sat on, and
nibbled the corners of many of its pages.
I have owned both editions of this book, replacing my old one in 1995 with
the latest volume. But I have been surprised to learn that many cat breeders,
and several of my journalist colleagues, have both editions, going all the way
back to 1983, because they just can not bear to part with them. I have partici-
pated in quite a few feline e-mail group discussions that include the phrase,
According to Cat Owners Home Veterinary book This is an old book with a long
legacyā€¯but also a new one that has been completely revamped and greatly
That's because in the past decade, much of what we know about feline
medicine has changed. At one time, many veterinary treatments for cats were
based on research that had been done on dogs. It was assumed cats were very
similar just small dogs, really and would respond to similar treatments and
In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. We now know that cats
and dogs are as different, biologically speaking, as cats and people. And the
research in veterinary medicine is finally catching up. Accordingly, this book
is much longer than its predecessor (because we know so much more!) and
has undergone some major changes.
You will find the latest information here on vaccine protocols, flea, tick, and
heartworm preventives, reading cat food labels, nutrition, joint supplements,
treatments for cancer and kidney disease, and treatments for diabetes. Newly
recognized heart, muscle, and dental diseases are discussed, as are new ways of
understanding feline lower urinary tract disease, hip dysplasia, feline cali-
cirvirus, and many other conditions. New drugs and surgical techniques are
explained. Controversial subjects, such as vaccine-associated sarcoma and
declawing, are covered. There are spectacular new anatomical drawings. And
the entire section on feline behavior has been rewritten, based on new findings.
When the second edition was published in 1995, therapies using supple-
ments, nutraceuticals, and holistic modalities such as acupuncture were
largely untested. Now, for illnesses where holistic treatments have proven to
be beneficial, they are listed under the Treatments section.

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