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Android App Video Review: SCRABBLE Free

Upon starting the app, you can choose to play with random opponents online, with friends, or a pass and play mode. In order to play with friends, you have to have an Origin account, which is kind of like EA’s version of Xbox Live. Pass N’ Play mode is self explanatory. If you want to better unde ... Full Article »

August 22, 2011 10:10am

Scrabble FREE for Android could have been better

Scrabble Free has a handful of unique features that make it appealing to both wordplay champions and beginners. Similar to the free version of Words With Friends, Scrabble Free, too, has cross-platform-play capability, so you can duke it out with your friends who have iPhones. You can also connect ... Full Article »

August 10, 2011 1:15pm

Take a brain break with the free SeeWordz Android app

If you love spending time with the free Words with Friends app, you'll also enjoy a quick break with the brain-teasing puzzles in the SeeWordz Brain Game Free app. The puzzle app breaks up words into different positions and other cryptic positions that signify another word or phrase. For instance, t ... Full Article »

March 1, 2011 12:48pm

Words With Friends Free for Android is good, but far from perfect

All of the hype around the game Words With Friends left me with some pretty high expectations. After spending some time with this app, I could clearly see the appeal, however, this game is far from perfect. Words With Friends Free is a fun, Scrabble-like game that connects you with your friends (or ... Full Article »

February 22, 2011 1:19pm

Chuck the newspaper for Crosswords Light Android app

The free Crosswords Light for Android app brings good old-fashioned cross-wording fun into the palm of your hand, no pencil required. This puzzle app taps crosswords from a plethora of publishers, such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Onion A.V. Club, the Globe & Mail and many mor ... Full Article »

November 1, 2010 10:47am

Make new virtual friends playing Wordfeud Android game

When I first bought my Motorola Droid X, I was bummed to find out there wasn't a Words with Friends app. Then I found the Wordfeud app for Android. It's the same premise as Words with Friends, heavily influenced by popular board game Scrabble. Plus, the design and color scheme is much more modern, a ... Full Article »

October 31, 2010 3:16pm

Word Drop Android game will keep you entertained

Ben Garrett's free Word Drop game combines a little bit of Boggle, a dash of Scrabble and a touch of Bejeweled for good measure. It all adds up to a time-killer game that will challenge you to find words to clear each puzzle, with fresh letters dropping down from above. When you start the game, a w ... Full Article »

October 24, 2010 7:03pm

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