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Sprinkle some RPG on your classic tower defense recipe with Fantasy Defense

Fantasy Defense is a solid new tower defense title from Playbean. It uses a colorful and vibrant art style, awesome music, and Anime-style drawings to really suck you in. The mechanics are very well balanced, with a nice variety of units, and there is a comprehensive, almost RPG-like upgrading syste ... Full Article »

June 9, 2012 1:00pm

Radiant Defense adds color to a crowded genre

Radiant Defense debuts on Android to an already crowded genre. Facing an overwhelming amount of stiff competition, developers Hexage carries over their bright neon visuals from Robotek and Radiant HD to help it out stand from the rest. But will its quirky graphics be enough to bob up from the flood ... Full Article »

April 30, 2012 5:30pm

Tower Defense: Lost Earth is competent, if nothing new

It seems like mobile gamers will never have to fear any shortage of tower defense games. The genre has flooded various app stores and markets that many argue it's reached the level of oversaturation. Go ahead, search for ‘tower defense’ and watch as the list quickly populates. De ... Full Article »

April 16, 2012 4:30pm

Android App Video Review: Epic Defense - The Elements

Despite that, the concept is interesting and the game is free, so you might as well try it for yourself. The tower building mechanics in this game are like a simplified version of that found in GemCraft, the popular Flash game turned iOS game. You place basic, empty towers around the field, and then ... Full Article »

April 5, 2012 8:30am

Android App Video Review: Little Empire

This game gives you sovereignty over very little empire indeed, asking you to build it up to something dominant and magnificent. You’ll build new buildings with varying uses, and organize your town in any way you see fit as you consistently expand it. Buildings can exist to raise your population l ... Full Article »

April 2, 2012 1:21pm

Android App Video Review: Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

Bagdhad, 2018. Unknown alien aircrafts crash land all over the place, giving off a strange energy and creating the "Anomaly" of the title. Your job is to go into these anomaly zones and fight off the alien menace in defense of the Earth. Missions have you guide a convoy of different vehicles through ... Full Article »

March 28, 2012 12:15pm

Meltdown on Mars THD: A tale of two genres

At first glance, it’s easy to write off Meltdown on Mars THD as another mindless shooter. Dual virtual-joystick controls? Check. Waves of enemies? Check. Spend hours on the game only to realize you've played the same game under another tittle? Not really. If you've played Gun Bros or Dead on Arriv ... Full Article »

March 19, 2012 4:30pm

Android App Video Review: Devils at the Gate

This is one of those closed path tower defenses with specified spaces to place your towers. It's some kind of patriots vs. devils scenario that is probably offensive to some people, but probably shouldn't be taken seriously in any way. The enemies and towers all consist of different kinds of soldier ... Full Article »

February 6, 2012 2:08pm

Awesome tower defense games for Android tablets

There are tons of tower defense type games out there today for Android devices. After a while you can get tired of them because they have the same basic premise, “stop the invading enemy.” Enemies can be tanks, people, zombies, aliens, spaceships, you name it. I have played a good number of them ... Full Article »

January 12, 2012 6:30am

Android App Video Review: Night of the Living Dead

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the classic sixties horror movie that redefined what a zombie even was, from the awesome George Romero, right? Well forget everything you know about that movie, because this game takes a few necessary liberties with the story. Not only will you take on zombies w ... Full Article »

December 20, 2011 12:29pm

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