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Be ready for holiday shopping with these Android apps

After a filling day of turkey and well wishes comes the full force of the holiday shopping season. Your Android phone can help you prepare and stay on track (and on budget) throughout the entirety of the holiday shopping season, nailing down discounts, price comparisons and even tools to track fello ... Full Article »

November 27, 2013 6:30am

Mobile shopping record expected to snap on Cyber Monday

Last Friday might have been the biggest shopping day of the year – aptly named Black Friday – but if you’re looking for deals online, the Monday after Thanksgiving is the day for which you want to wait. This year’s Cyber Monday sales are expected to set records among one particular segment ... Full Article »

November 28, 2011 1:40pm

Black Friday spurs Android growth with record Kindle sales

Black Friday is known for boosting retail through the remainder of the year, and the new tradition has certainly helped the Android smartphone market. IBM projected that 15 percent of Black Friday sales this year would transact via mobile, and it turns out their expectations were right on track. On ... Full Article »

November 28, 2011 9:36am

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