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Android App Video Review: FIST OF AWESOME

The story is part Planet of the Apes and part Back to the Future, as you embark to retake the earth from sentient, humanoid bears that have enslaved all of humanity. You are savior of mankind and lumberjack Tim Burr, and after this strange rift in space time, you find you’ve been possessed by a ma ... Full Article »

November 11, 2013 9:35am

Android App Video Review: Pivvot

Your goal is to pivot a ball around a fixed path, avoiding the colored obstacles along the way. The camera will mess with you a bit as you rapidly scroll along the winding pathway. It's really all about muscle memory as you learn each obstacle type and the best way to avoid them after quickly recogn ... Full Article »

October 30, 2013 11:00am

Android App Video Review: Heroes of Loot

Basically this is a dungeon crawler in which you mow through huge numbers of enemies ala Gauntlet, with perma-death for your characters, multiple classes plus unlocks, a crazy streamlined quest system, and the gameplay of a twin stick shooter. Well, that's actually not really accurate. You don't eve ... Full Article »

October 8, 2013 6:00pm

Android App Video Review: Kairo

The game elicits the feeling of playing classics like Myst. You are the lone inhabitant of an ancient and dead world, full of strange machinery that is just as much magic as it is science. As you explore the world and solve puzzles, re-activating said machinery and breathing life back into the ancie ... Full Article »

September 23, 2013 10:15am

Android App Video Review: Siegecraft Defender

The main campaign involves you defending the sheep of your kingdom from roves of hungry, hungry lizards. The various characters and dialogue is actually hilarious most of the time, and the story is just what it needs to be. Placing your towers along a grid, you'll try to cordon off the lizards, crea ... Full Article »

September 6, 2013 2:45pm

Android App Video Review: Friendly Fire!

Everything has to be built near streets. If your own street is terribly indefensible, you can always use popular locations or just a better spot in your own town. As you build your army, resource collection, and defenses, and fight other people, you'll gain medals, losing medals with each failed att ... Full Article »

September 3, 2013 9:00am

Android App Video Review: rymdkapsel

Taking the RTS genre, stripping away all the unnecessary clutter, and combining it with Tetris (no really), rymdkapsel has managed to captivate mobile gamers. It only captivates them for a short while, as the game is a little light on content and variety, but  that's fine. There are no units, no te ... Full Article »

August 16, 2013 9:15am

Android App Video Review: The Walking Dead: Assault

This is a squad based tactical strategy game based specifically on the comic. Robert Kirkman's world is brought as faithfully to life as possible, keeping the black and white palette as well as the original character designs of series artists Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. Not to sound like a hipste ... Full Article »

August 8, 2013 3:00pm

Android App Video Review: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes

If you don't want this game on your Android device, that's fine. You can also find it on the Nintendo DS and iOS platform. The point is that you play it at some point if you enjoy puzzles, strategy, RPG's, or any mix of the three. Starting out as a young elven huntress named Anwen, our journey begin ... Full Article »

July 25, 2013 5:57pm

Android App Video Review: Ballistic SE

One thing that immediately sets this game apart is the auto-targeting. If you don't touch the shooting stick, you'll automatically fire at the nearest enemies. Enemies are still too fast and numerous for you to sit around, so this doesn't really make it easy. Just interesting. Sometimes it's helpful ... Full Article »

July 19, 2013 9:35am

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