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HTC handsets finally released from customs; Samsung clamps down on S-Voice leaks

Just a few days ago, we learned that new HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE smartphones, for use on AT&T and Sprint respectively, were held up in U.S. customs for infringing Apple’s patents. Back in December, Apple won an exclusion order from the International Trade Commision (ITC) because Android's mes ... Full Article »

May 21, 2012 9:18am

HTC modifies One X for U.S. market; Best Buy forced to delay sales

Patent infringement lawsuits have become a permeating characteristic of the mobile industry these days, particularly with Apple’s watchful eye over rivals’ hardware and software implementations. The latest to fall under Apple’s ire is HTC, whose shipments of the HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE were s ... Full Article »

May 18, 2012 9:10am

Google Wallet coming to 10 more Sprint devices this year

Google is continuing to bring its near-field communication payment service to more and more Android devices, with 10 more Sprint devices slated to get the software in 2012. Fierce Mobile Content has the story, reporting that Google announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, that users ... Full Article »

March 1, 2012 1:23pm

Sprint disables controversial Carrier IQ software across all phones

After a whole lot of privacy concerns and controversy swirling around cellular traffic-tracking software from Carrier IQ, Sprint has announced it is disabling the software on all of its devices. You might remember hearing about Carrier IQ last month after it became apparent that the company’s sof ... Full Article »

December 19, 2011 1:05pm

Most smartphone users want 4G but don’t have much info about it

Cellular carriers have been really brandishing the term “4G” in marketing and advertising for months now, and it appears the media blitz is working. According to a new survey from market research firm In-Stat, 75 percent of its 1,208 respondents said 4G is “one of the features their ideal pho ... Full Article »

October 31, 2011 2:15pm

Sprint’s 4G LTE network to cover 260 markets in two years

The biggest news to come out of Sprint lately might have been that the carrier will pick up Apple’s insanely popular iPhone, which has already reportedly exceeded its presale volume and will experience delays when it launches. But supporting a new handset isn’t the only trick Sprint has up its ... Full Article »

October 10, 2011 1:26pm

4G takes over Android with Samsung, Pantech smartphone launches

Android encompasses a number of devices on its platform, including universal remotes. Logitech’s Harmony Link launched this week, demonstrating the future of connected devices for home entertainment. We also got a whiff of Samsung’s latest Galaxy member the S II Epic 4G, and Pantech’s Breakout ... Full Article »

September 25, 2011 8:00am

Sprint sues to block AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile

Sprint has taken its fight to stop the $39 billion merger between AT&T and T-Mobile to court, suing to prevent the deal under U.S. antitrust laws. The move isn’t too outside the norm, according to a story from GigaOM, but it does have Sprint throwing its hat into the ring alongside the Depart ... Full Article »

September 6, 2011 2:31pm

Sprint: AT&T/T-Mobile merger will cost jobs

Sprint isn’t happy about AT&T’s hopeful $39 billion merger with T-Mobile. The deal would mean some bad news for Sprint, which would be the last-place cellular carrier if T-Mobile is removed from its place as the No. 4 carrier in the U.S. It would also make AT&T absolutely huge – bigge ... Full Article »

September 1, 2011 2:28pm

Samsung prices low with Conquer 4G and Galaxy R

Samsung’s out to conquer the mobile world with a handful of devices announced this week. The angle is price, with the Android-powered Conquer and Galaxy R, both mid-level devices offering broad consumer appeal. Also, Vizio is coming out with a new tablet, adding to the spray of iPad competitors to ... Full Article »

August 14, 2011 10:00am

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