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Avoid dysentery and disembowelment as you head west on the Organ Trail

Who among us in the younger generations can honestly say they don't fondly remember playing The Oregon Trail on the school computers when we were children and such? It was a challenging, educational and mostly memorable gaming experience. Organ Trail: Director's Cut is practically the same game, onl ... Full Article »

January 20, 2013 3:30am

Android App Video Review: Another World

The story is quite simple. You play as a scientist who is accidentally transported to an alien world. It's now up to you to survive all the strange and exotic flora and fauna of the world, including its very hostile natives. You are soon captured and must escape with your cell mate and the help of a ... Full Article »

November 7, 2012 9:16am

Enjoy some pixelated pandemonium with free Android game Groundskeeper

Groundskeeper is the latest title from Orange Pixel Games, and it’s part of their Summer Freebie 2012 promotion! The idea is to give us a very simple and free title to enjoy, and it is most definitely simple. There is a distinct lack of bells, whistles and other features, but the gameplay that we ... Full Article »

September 16, 2012 1:00pm

Spend fewer quarters on these cool ‘80s arcade games for Android

I grew up in the 1980s and spent a ton of time and quarters at the arcade. This was our main form of gaming entertainment, since personal computers were not mainstream. It’s really neat to see some of the games getting ported to Android and other mobile devices. There are a lot of these classic ar ... Full Article »

June 25, 2012 5:30am

Pix’n Love Rush is like catnip for retro gaming fans

Pix’n Love Rush is a love letter to classic side scrollers that were prevalent in the ’80s and ’90s. With a visual style that harkens back to handheld portable systems such as the Game Boy and Virtual Boy, to major consoles such as SNES, it’s a walk down the 8-bit memory lane. If you grew up ... Full Article »

May 14, 2012 3:30pm

Shogun: Bullet Hell Shooter offers a modern take on Japanese arcade games

Some developers try harder, and that describes the creators of Shogun: Bullet Hell Shooter. You can see real effort in the details of this space shooter and those details flesh out the whole experience of playing, and ultimately make the game more fun. Upon launch, you’ll see a list of the most r ... Full Article »

March 6, 2012 4:30pm

Android App Video Review: Sonic 4 Episode I

The game was co-developed by Sonic Team and Dimps, the people responsible for the fairly well done Sonic Advance and Sonic Rush games, on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS respectively. What they made here isn't really a terrible game, but nor does it herald in a new age of good Sonic games with ... Full Article »

February 10, 2012 1:39pm

Android App Video Review: RPG Grinsia

The game stars a simple family of treasure hunters, including your father Grieg, your sister Milka, and yourself. While visiting an island with some strange ruins in an attempt to pay the bills, you find that the Empire is also seeking special artifacts. You are called upon by the goddess Mave to fi ... Full Article »

January 17, 2012 2:42pm

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