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Even as BlackBerry sours, you’re still in business with these smartphones

Once the gold standard of business communication on mobile devices, the BlackBerry could be approaching its expiration date. In the last two years, BlackBerry's market share among users in the United States has dropped from 44 percent to 12 percent, according to market research firm ComScore. With ... Full Article »

June 5, 2012 9:30am

Android App Tablet Review: Intuit GoPayment for Tablets

Intuit GoPayment for Tablets is a must-have application for small business owners on-the-go. No matter the size of your business, Intuit GoPayment for Tablets allows you to accept credit cards as a form of payment. It's incredibly easy to get started. Just make an account, enter the proper informat ... Full Article »

October 3, 2011 7:00pm

Economist app brings weekly business news to your Android

The Economist app for Android is a great way for subscribers to get their news on the go. If you don't already have a subscription, but have always thought about it, this quality app might be that last little push you need to make the transition. The news weekly's app is free to download, but only ... Full Article »

August 21, 2011 1:30pm

Business Insider Android app is a neatly organized way to stay in touch

Because what happens on Wall Street can have a pretty big impact on our lives, it's important to stay up on what's going on over there. But if The Wall Street Journal and pie chart graphics on CNN tend to put you to sleep, Business Insider's easy to navigate app might be your best alternative. The ... Full Article »

June 7, 2011 2:36pm

World class journalism makes The Wall Street Journal Mobile for Android so money

The Wall Street Journal - bastion of economic, finance and business news - has just released a smartphone version of its Android app, to complement its tablet counterpart. It’s definitely worth downloading if you’re a fan of the newspaper and its journalism. Incidentally, we couldn’t find the ... Full Article »

June 1, 2011 1:10pm

LinkedIn for Android goes mobile with your business contacts

Facebook users include just about everyone you know and anyone you might ever imagine knowing, but through that tool you're more likely to find photos of their kids and bulletins of what they had for dinner, rather than assistance finding a job. If you want to network for business, use LinkedIn. Per ... Full Article »

May 1, 2011 6:21am

Office Depot Android app could become a staple for office managers

Order a lot of supplies from Office Depot? When you're low on staples, paper clips, print cartridges and whiteboard markers the store's mobile app makes ordering more of everything very easy. The app works, basically, as an extension of the Office Depot mother site. Users can easily browse the stor ... Full Article »

April 20, 2011 4:30pm

Monster Job Search is an Android app worth employing

Monster Job Search for your Android phone gives you the means to stay committed to the job hunt, even when you're on the go. With the economic crises and unemployment plaguing the country, job search websites have become a very popular tool in the application process.'s app simplifies t ... Full Article »

March 9, 2011 6:00pm

Cisco WebEx Meetings links you to the office via your Android

I've attended more WebEx online meetings than I can count. Over the years, I've relied on the standard, solid PC/browser software client to run events, attend meetings and all the rest. That's why I was overjoyed when the Android version hit the marketplace recently. Cisco WebEx Meetings doesn't di ... Full Article »

March 8, 2011 8:57pm

Great business apps for Android users

Android devices are a reliable, powerful companion for heavy business users. The operating system continues to improve, so here’s our take on some of the best business apps available in the Android Market. Our list is by no means exhaustive, but we at least wanted to share the news: Android, more ... Full Article »

February 28, 2011 12:11pm

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