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Swype leads Android Apps of the Week

If this week's list had to have a theme, I'd say it's "Making Life Easier." Every app aims to make your life a less stress free or annoying by helping you hunt for jobs, keeping track of receipts, confessing your feelings to that special friend, and even helping you type faster and more accurately, ... Full Article »

May 2, 2013 7:00pm

One Today by Google leads Android Apps of the Week

This week brought us a new app from Google that's actively trying to make the world a better place, one day at a time, one dollar at a time. That app is One Today by Google, and it's the top app of the week. We've also got a new voice activated personal assistant, the ultimate travel-log app, a new ... Full Article »

April 25, 2013 4:00pm

Facebook Home leads Android Apps of the Week

Facebook is back with a brand new app, and they’re after your free time. Facebook Home is its name, and replacing your current phone’s home screen is its game. We’ve also got a cool way to share videos in Cinemagram, an upstanding new photo editor, a way to record your phone calls as MP3s, and ... Full Article »

April 18, 2013 11:30am

Hoppit leads Android Apps of the Week

Only in the first world do we have such issues as "Too many places to go eat," but we also create solutions to those first world problems. In this case, I'm referring to Hoppit, a great new restaurant finding app that takes your mood and feelings into consideration, and our top app of the week. We'v ... Full Article »

March 21, 2013 3:30pm

eTrizzle leads Android Apps of the Week

This week's releases are pretty heavily focused on streaming and media, from motion comics to movies, and even Pokémon! Our top app is eTrizzle, a media hub that makes it easier than ever to find content you want without having to check multiple sources. We've also got a great app for helping your ... Full Article »

February 28, 2013 4:30pm

Google Drive leads Android Apps of the Week

An update to Google Drive leads this week’s best apps on Android, mostly because Google constantly improves the productivity app, making it the handiest on the platform. Whether you need storage, word processing, or room for collaboration, Google Drive helps get work done, and its update includes ... Full Article »

February 21, 2013 4:00pm

Evzdrop leads Android Apps of the Week

This week, like the last, is led by very impressive and innovative takes on social networking. Evzdrop is a cool new network that helps you keep track of interesting going-ons in your area. We've also got a ludicrously useful data sync/backup app, a tablet-only financial planner, an outstandingly re ... Full Article »

February 7, 2013 3:00pm

LifeKraze leads Android Apps of the Week

LifeKraze uses social networking to motivate people to generally do good, for themselves or others. Also making appearances in this week’s best Android apps  list is a great app for accessing computer documents with relatively no hassle, an all encompassing trip planner, an app designed for makin ... Full Article »

January 31, 2013 5:30pm

Simple leads Android Apps of the Week

Current event coverage, from the Oscars to the Sundance Film Festival to this year's X Games, dominates this week’s list of app. However, our top app, Simple,  is much less exciting yet more  useful in your daily life, making banking and budgeting a breeze. Finally, we've got a novel new car loc ... Full Article »

January 24, 2013 5:00pm

FXGuru: Movie FX Director leads Android Apps of the Week

2013 presses forward with fewer and fewer apps dedicated to New Year's resolutions, and more dedicated to random entertainment, like adding special effects to your home movies! At least, that's the case with our top app of the week, FxGuru: Movie FX Director. We've also got an official MediaFire app ... Full Article »

January 17, 2013 6:00pm

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