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GameStop, Acer Android tablets get prepped for holiday shopping

It’s November, which means we’re mere weeks away from Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday shopping season at large. It’s looking to be a great opportunity for Android tablet makers, as consumer tablet envy and improved devices promise to make for a more competitive market this year. Gam ... Full Article »

November 5, 2011 10:00am

Android tablets gain personality with ViewPad 10pro, Acer A100

Some interesting new Android tablets are hitting the market including a business-oriented device from Viewsonic that runs dual operating systems, and a more family-oriented 7-inch device from Acer. Meanwhile, Dell has decided to stop producing the Streak, but will continue to support Android and dev ... Full Article »

August 21, 2011 8:00am

Android users must know their location-based options to protect privacy

When The Wall Street Journal revealed both Google (GOOG) and Apple’s (AAPL) data collection tactics for their respective smartphones, it re-addressed an ongoing discussion around Android security, but also gave both platforms an opportunity to educate and win over consumers. It seems Apple’s kee ... Full Article »

April 25, 2011 11:30am

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