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New Android apps worth downloading: Yidio, Gmail update, Wordspionage

Our apps worth downloading pull for the day starts off with a great one for users of lots of different streaming services. It's Yiddio, and it gives you the ability to search for movies and TV shows across lots of different services, like Netfilx, Hulu, Crackle and more. We've also got yet another u ... Full Article »

January 10, 2014 7:30am

Get your space news fix with these Android apps

To keep current on all the news about NASA's various space exploration missions, check out these four interstellar Android apps. NASA App (Free) Captain Obvious, we know, but seriously, there‚Äôs no better app out there for space news, especially as this unmanned Mars rover was launched by NASA. T ... Full Article »

January 10, 2014 6:00am

New Android apps worth downloading: Jelly, Galactic Phantasy Prelude, Lyne

New Android Apps Worth Downloading Grab today's leading fresh app, Jelly, if you're in need of answers. The app from Twitter co-founder Biz Stone lets users discover answers and information by snapping photos and asking questions of social network users. We've also got Galactic Phantasy Prelude, an ... Full Article »

January 9, 2014 7:30am

New Android apps worth downloading: SnoopWall Antivirus Privacy Firewall, DayZ Central Standalone, Tanktastic update

Bolster the security of your Android device with SnoopWall's Antivirus Privacy Firewall app, our first app worth downloading today and which packs free and paid features that can help users keep apps from using personal data inappropriately. For PC gamers, we've got DayZ Central Standalone, a compan ... Full Article »

January 8, 2014 7:30am

Five ways to extend the battery life on your smartphone

While smartphones are taking on many of the features of personal computers, it is not really practical to leave them plugged into a wall throughout the day. This is a problem as apps, navigation services and faster network connections are causing our batteries to run out of juice more quickly than e ... Full Article »

January 8, 2014 6:00am

New Android apps worth downloading: Pandora Internet Radio update, WATCH ABC Family, Farm Heroes Saga

Find and stream music you didn't know you liked with today's first app worth downloading, Pandora Internet Radio. It's just been updated with increased functionality, adding alarm clock features that let you wake up to your Internet radio stations, as well as fall asleep to them. We've also got WATC ... Full Article »

January 7, 2014 7:30am

Eight games that need to be ported to Android

I previously discussed how there are many games out there that should find a home on the Adnroid platform, and now it is time to make some demands. The mobile era has arrived and we really need to embrace it. For the sake of simplicity I divided my list into three sections: 3D Games on Consoles, Poi ... Full Article »

January 7, 2014 6:00am

New Android apps worth downloading: Carbon for Twitter and SO.HO updates, Detective Grimoire

Our haul of apps worth downloading this week starts with updates to two social networking apps. First is Carbon for Twitter, the elegant Twitter client that uses a minimalist design to make browsing the social network as easy as possible. Second is SO.HO, an app that brings your social networking fe ... Full Article »

January 6, 2014 7:30am

New Android apps worth downloading: SkipLock, Timera, Dream of Pixels update

Skip constantly unlocking your phone when you're at home using today's first fresh app, SkipLock. It recognizes when your device is tied to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections you specify and uses them as authorization to skip your device's lock screen. We've also got Timera, a photography app that lets ... Full Article »

January 3, 2014 7:30am

Impressive turn-based strategy games for Android tablets

I have enjoyed turn-based strategy games ever since I played a game called Panzer General for the PC years ago. Playing the role of a commander and trying to figure out the best strategy to win is a lot of fun. In addition to your current move, you need to look ahead and figure out potential future ... Full Article »

January 3, 2014 6:30am

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