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New Android apps worth downloading: Google Maps update, Todoist, Terraria

One of the most useful apps out there for Android users is Google’s Maps, the navigation app that provides turn-by-turn directions and GPS capabilities for getting you where you need to be. The app just got a big, fresh update, and that’s why it leads today’s Apps Worth Downloading list. Follo ... Full Article »

September 17, 2013 7:30am

New Android apps worth downloading: Xbox Music, Simplenote, Flick Kick Field Goal 2014

Xbox Music is Microsoft's official answer to all the music library and streaming services out there, and it's surprisingly well crafted. Simplenote is one of the more endearing and enduring note and list making apps around, and it's now on Google Play. Flick Kick Field Goal 2014 is the latest in the ... Full Article »

September 16, 2013 7:15am

New Android apps worth downloading: Clipless, Reaper, Quell Memento

If you're looking for great local deals, a new action RPG, or a brilliant puzzle game, you've come to the right daily list. Clipless is a new app for helping you find local sales and deals every day. Reaper is a new hack and slash action RPG from one of my favorite mobile developers. And Quell Memen ... Full Article »

September 13, 2013 7:15am

New Android apps worth downloading: Quizlet, update, SimpleRockets

If today’s apps had a theme, I’d say it’s intelligence and elegance. From a fantastic app to help you study and learn just about any topic like Quizlet, to one of the most elegant to-do list productivity apps on the market, like the one from, and finally a puzzle game that is both smart ... Full Article »

September 12, 2013 7:15am

New Android apps worth downloading: AppGratis, SC Blacklist: Spider-Bot, He-Man: The Most Powerful Game

If you enjoy getting free stuff… Let me reword that. Since you enjoy getting free stuff, you should definitely check out AppGratis, a new app for finding great Google Play deals. We've also got two kinds of violence on offer. One is the sneaky, stealth and infiltration type, in SC Blacklist: Spide ... Full Article »

September 11, 2013 7:15am

New Android apps worth downloading: Music Maker Jam, Repix, Breach & Clear

Today's apps bring us music, art, creativity, expression! And also lots of shooting and tactics. First up is the new music mixing app, Music Maker Jam, which lets you create your own original tracks. Second is Repix, a photo editor with an emphasis on expression, and lots of neat painting tools. Thi ... Full Article »

September 10, 2013 7:15am

New Android apps worth downloading: Google Keep update, Danger Dash, Lumber Jacked

Today’s apps will keep you on track, hitting the replay button like crack, and feeling totally jacked. Google Keep was recently updated past the 2.0 stage, and it brings lots of functionality to an already great app. Danger Dash is a derivative yet deliciously addicting endless runner, and Lumber ... Full Article »

September 9, 2013 7:15am

New Android apps worth downloading: Paypal update, Sidebar Plus, Monster Match

Keep on top of your finances and even use your smartphone to pay at stores and restaurants with the newly updated Paypal, our first fresh app of the day. Also for your approval come Sidebar Plus, a multitasking app that lets you create custom sidebars with shortcuts to your favorite apps, contacts, ... Full Article »

September 6, 2013 7:15am

New Android apps worth downloading: Swiftkey Keyboard update, Kairo, Totem Runner

Today’s Apps Worth Downloading column starts with Swiftkey Keyboard, a gesture-based keyboard app that just got a new update to make it even smarter. We’ve also got Kairo, a first-person exploration game in which players explore ancient ruins and try to solve their mysteries, and Totem Runner, a ... Full Article »

September 5, 2013 7:15am

New Android apps worth downloading: Foursquare and Orbitz updates, Dragon & Shoemaker

Cruise around your neighborhood, or travel to far-flung places, with today's first two apps worth downloading. First is location-based check-in app Foursquare, which lets users find businesses near them, collect on discounts, and track where businesses their friends use and like. Up next is Orbitz, ... Full Article »

September 4, 2013 7:15am

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