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Foozle puts a strain on your brain and a fuzzy feeling in your heart

Foozle is a simple physics/puzzle title from a developer named William Thurston and his two partners, who gave the game over to Noodlecake Studios for an Android port. Physics puzzling has never been so obscenely adorable before this simple but well designed game. The art has a nice consistent palat ... Full Article »

August 20, 2012 3:15pm

ZombieSmash on Android proves the undead are the life of the party

For the past few years or so, the obsession with zombie infestation has seen the genre rise from the dead (excuse the pun), and infest every inch of the American media. Thanks to books, television shows and movies such as The Walking Dead, Zombieland and World War Z, everyone’s favorite cannon fod ... Full Article »

August 17, 2012 5:30pm

Spice up Instagram and texts with the Textgram app

Unleash your inner artist to make unique creations to share on social media with the Textgram app. Have you ever had the perfect quote that you were dying to share on Instagram but had no way to make a pretty picture with it? That is what the Textgram app is for, it allows you to combine text with ... Full Article »

August 13, 2012 9:30am

Jazz: Trump's Journey is a pleasing platformer

When it comes to quality free platformers on your phone, there aren't many good options, but Jazz: Trump's Journey is certainly one of them. Jazz tells the story of a kid in New Orleans (based on Louis Armstrong) who dreams of being a jazz musician, and his quest to become one. And so he takes his ... Full Article »

August 12, 2012 5:30pm

Music Hero Android game plays the wrong notes

Music Hero is, mechanically speaking, exactly like the phone versions of Guitar Hero. You've got three bars of notes coming at you and you've got to press the notes when they get to the bottom of the screen. The game comes pre-loaded with three songs, all of which are instrumental and pretty much aw ... Full Article »

August 12, 2012 4:00pm

Humorous Cthulhu Saves the World a clever RPG for Android

I'm a big PC gamer and I played Zaboyd Games' Cuthulhu on Steam. Now it's on my phone and I'm playing it again. It's such a great and hilarious little top-down role playing game that I'm not upset about retracing my steps. Cthulhu Saves the World is an old school turn-based RPG in the 8 bit traditi ... Full Article »

August 8, 2012 7:00pm

Build your own multi-use skyscraper with Dream Heights

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this, but I’ve been building my Dream Zoo for almost two months. Zynga apps are extremely addictive. I mean who hasn’t played Words with Friends or even Scramble with Friends? Zynga app games are all the rage, kids. And now, you can build your own multi-facete ... Full Article »

August 8, 2012 3:30pm

Mass Effect Infiltrator is worth the price of admission

This year, Electronic Arts closed the chapter on the Mass Effect trilogy. While the controversial ending left a bad taste in many gamers’ mouths, EA games Mass Effect Infiltrator takes a stroll away from the series path. Stripped of the trilogies staple RPG element, Infiltrator focuses on fast-pac ... Full Article »

August 8, 2012 10:30am

Save the world and have some laughs with retro RPG Dragon Fantasy

Dragon Fantasy is a new retro RPG from developer Muteki Corporation. More than simply a throwback to old 8- and 16-bit Japanese RPGs, this is a celebration of them, full of referential humor, fourth wall breaking, and tongue-in-cheek jokes about the genre. The title itself is a reference to Dragon Q ... Full Article »

August 6, 2012 12:30pm

The Dark Knight Rises Android game is an ambitious failure

I can't help but be attracted to big AAA-style games on my phone, because what got me into gaming in the first place was the big actual-AAA games on the computer. So whenever Gameloft cranks out one of their 2GB games, I pay attention. The Dark Knight Rises, which follows the story of the Batman fil ... Full Article »

August 2, 2012 7:00pm

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