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Android App Video Review: PaintUp

by Andrew Koziara

PaintUp is a simple and easy to use painting app from FLOM. It uses a fun process called painting up to turn your doodles and chicken scratch into colorful works of art, sometimes with extremely trippy results. That music that is playing isn’t part of the app, by the way.

The app is very simple, and there aren’t many tools available to you. You simply select the color of your brush from a very diverse palate and start drawing. There is a simple undo feature and an eraser tool. After you finish drawing, you select the paint up option to see what your art would look like fully painted. You can then save these pictures to your phone, and even upload them to with an author’s name and caption. Looking at the website, you can create some surprisingly beautiful works using this app. It’s great because even if you have the limited artistic ability of an adolescent, like I do, you can create some pieces that really impress yourself. This is a great app to just mess around with or to give to children to play with.

There are some drawbacks though. I wish it was a little meatier when it came to features and options. I would love the ability to select different brush sizes, or especially different eraser sizes. It can also be very hard to draw at times. It can feel like the paint isn’t coming down where it should, though not all the time. I would guess that this app would be much easier to use on a tablet of some sort. I would also love the ability to undo more than one single move, even if it’s just two or three moves instead. Still, the app is a lot of fun to use. I was impressed with the final product of the chicken scratch you see before you. I could keep complaining and asking for more, but the app is completely free. Check this one out, even if you aren’t very artistic.

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