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Ma Nishtana


by ZigZag, Inc.
Download this app if: you want to learn the Hebrew verses sung by youngsters at the Seder.


Developer Notes

Get ready for the Passover seder by learning to read the Ma Nishtana in Hebrew! Now the robot in your Android(TM) device can help you learn how to pronounce each word of the Ma Nishtana, in the Sephardic robotic style. (Okay, we just made that up.) In no time at all, you'll be reading the Ma...


Learn the Ma Nishtana — This US$0.99 app was a super help to me because I needed to learn how to say and pronounce the Ma Nishtana. It did not help me learn the tune though because it's in a robotic digital voice, but at least I memorized it! Not a bad learning tool.